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Audience Reaction?

I’m a bit slow on the up take on this one but …

I was talking to a radio presenter on Friday about getting a business related slot on his station and the conversation turned to the topic of customer care. I made the point that where many businesses go wrong is that they concentrate on what is important to them rather than to the customer.

He asked me for an example and here is what I came up with:

Did you see Ricky Gervais presenting the Golden Globe Awards and see how flat the reception to his jokes was? He obviously thought he was being hilarious but the audience was on a completely different wavelength. Most were impassive and some were visibly shocked. Not a good reaction.

The message here is that what you say has to resonate with the audience – it doesn’t matter how good you think your content is; it’s what the audience thinks that matters.

The same goes in customer care – it is all too easy to add bells and whistles to your product or service but if they are not what the customer wants then they won’t value them. How many products or services have you bought and found that whilst they have lots of fancy features, they fail to deliver some of the essentials?

It is incredibly easy to solve this – give your customer a good talking listening to!


Never, ever insult your customer in public or in private – others will pick up on this and think

“If they talk about that customer like that … what do they say about us?”