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If I have to tell you …

The knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that get you a particular job are unlikely to be the ones which mark you out for promotion to the next level. You rarely get promoted because you just do what it says in the job description [however well you do it!]. This is particularly true for management jobs.

As you progress up the management ladder, there will come a point where your boss is looking for you to take the initiative and start making decisions and changes for yourself; for you to demonstrate initiative and leadership.

You need to step outside of both your comfort zone and the strictures of your official role and demonstrate that you can move to the next level. And here’s the rub – if you have to be told to do it, you haven’t got what it takes and are unlikely to be seen as being capable of making the grade!

Yesterday’s Dilbert strip played on this concept – in this case, it is the manager who is out of touch but you should get the idea. http://www.dilbert.com/2011-03-06/.

This struck a chord with me because a lot my work is with professional service organisations who want their managers to work more effectively in customer relationship building and business development.

So if you want to move up in the organisation, you need to be seen to be making a difference.You need to balance the risks of taking action with those of not acting. The latter may be more difficult to see but they need to be thought about and be taken into account.

Remember also  that it is usually easier to ask for forgiveness than permission – especially if what you do demonstrates that you have the organisation’s best interests at heart!

If the culture makes it difficult to change things for the better then you might ask where both the business and you are heading!