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Why you should care about customer care

If you read the earlier post [“Don’t call us”], you’ll know that I am very serious about customer care, so I was delighted to be invited to attend a seminar by Jo Causon CEO of the Institute of Customer Service. Jo was introducing their report “Return on investment in customer service: the bottom line report”

The report focuses on how to get the best returns from your customer care activities. Jo’s presentation highlighted the importance of:

  • Creating an organisational culture which supports customer care
  • Making sure you have an engaged and enthusiastic work force
  • Understanding requirements from the customer’s perspective and
  • Listening and acting on feedback

The need to have effective, engaged and enthusiastic staff was a recurrent theme in the presentation. To achieve this you need:

  • Commitment from the top
  • To send consistent signals
  • To select the right staff
  • Train and  them in soft skills
  • Empower them to take the necessary action

There is a good chance that in doing this you will strip away some of the unnecessary, burdensome policies, procedures and systems. This will simplify your approach and make it more effective too!

Too often in business we focus our attention on the results rather than on creating an environment which enables the results be acheived. For sustainable success we need to focus as much of our attention on enablers as on results [a key concept behind the EFQM Excellence Model].

Good Listening to

To improve your bottom line, you need to focus on giving excellent customer service. It’s good business, it doesn’t need to be complicated and often is easier to do than what you do now.

So, get your approach right, get the right people on board, give them the best tools and let them get on with it – the profits will follow.

You can take the first step by giving your customers a good listening to! If you don’t know what they think is important, how are you going to give them the experience they deserve?